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Massive Open On-line Course “Enterpreneurship for all”

is a learning product on business education of entrepreneurs, developed on a distance learning platform. The course is facilitate the availability of business education for residents of local communities who will be able to study remotely (saving costs for travel, accommodation, meals).

Course is integrated as an element of blended learning into the overall training course of the project and will allow to strengthen and facilitate the quality of learning outcomes of the pilot groups. Also, the online course will give the opportunity for students to independently regulate the time and periods of their own study, which will allow citizens to use their time as efficiently as possible.

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Supporting sustainable development and growth by creating mini entrepreneurial ecosystems in territorial communities

Promoting self-employment and entrepreneurial skills, as well as developing digital literacy of the population of local communities, seen as essential tools for territorial and sustainable growth

Support for the creation and development of mini-ecosystems among local communities
  • Obtaining funding
  • International cooperation
  • Leadership and command
  • Expanded digital world
  • Writing Skills & Content

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