National Association of Municipal Clerks in Bulgaria

NAMCB is a registered non-profit, non-governmental organization uniting civil servants working in municipal and regional administrations in Bulgaria. The organization has more than 360 regular and associated members and more than 1,600 active supporters and volunteers all over the county. The organization works a long time with key Bulgarian and international experts in adult sector in areas such as public administration, adult and youth education, fundraising, social entrepreneurship, anti-corruption, etc. The organization relies on excellent working relations with the local authorities in Bulgaria maintained through its members and schools in Sofia. NAMCB has the capacity to organize events in almost all 28 districts of the country, as it has active local members who can contribute to the implementation of various initiatives in
the respective region. NAMCB works with specialists in the field of education and social politics, unemployment and the social involvement so we can effectively coordinate the implementation of the different phases of the project in Bulgaria. NAMCB has been successful 20 projects, mainly in the field of education and work, including Social Entrepreneurship.

International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development – CEIPES, Italy

CEIPES is an International non-profit association founded in Palermo in 2007 and with antennas in other 8 European countries. 

Developing potential by promoting innovation, education, work and experience.
1. To promote non formal education as a fundamental tool in the education of youth and adults and as complementary to formal education.
2. To promote personal and community development through learning mobility.
3. To create new innovative tools and methodologies to develop 
useful strategies in the field of education through cooperation with public and private entities at local and international level.
4. To promote study, research and innovation, both methodological and technological, with the aim of giving scientific support to the specific activities carried out by our association.
5. To encourage intercultural dialogue with the objective of fostering mutual  understanding and respect between individuals from different cultures.
6. To promote peace, nonviolence and human rights as a fundamental tool reach a world of equality and solidarity in which all human beings can access to their fundamental rights. 
Local and international networks CEIPES works at local, European and international level in synergy with more than 100 organisations.

Kyiv Business School

KBS is one of the historically first private business schools operating on the Ukrainian market since 2000. Well known in Ukraine for its methodological rigor and innovativeness KBS has transformed from just regular business education subsidiary of an average university to independent network of 50 highly experienced faculty, consultants, and businessmen delivering state-of-art educational solutions to corporate clients as well as to individuals pursuing career advances related to graduation from MBA/EMBA-type programs. KBS is a founder of the Ukrainian Association for Development of Management and Business Education the first and only national professional body in this field. The school is the only training institution in Kyiv which has delivered for several years since a special programme for young entrepreneurs and SME owners on request of Kyiv City Administration. Since 2017 KBS have been actively 
involved in experiments aimed at research and development of arts-based learning methods and programs for large corporate clients in Ukraine.

University College of Tourism and Ecology, Poland

The University College of Tourism and Ecology is an international academic centre, which attracts students from all over Poland and abroad. The University is committed to excellence in education, providing its students with specialist knowledge and experience delivered by top-class lecturers and business practitioners. The University College of Tourism and Ecology in Sucha Beskidzka offers:
1. an individual approach to students, assistance and academic guidance, a relaxed and supportive learning environment
2. modern teaching programs based on European education systems, innovative and varied curricula
3. specialist theoretical knowledge and practical skills, enhancing the graduates’ employability
4. teaching staff comprising scholars and researchers from renowned Polish universities, including the Jagiellonian University and the University of Science and Technology (AGH) in Cracow
5. a wide variety of faculty workshops
6. modern, fully-equipped laboratories, small-group seminars
7. an opportunity to continue studies at foreign universities
8. one of the most attractive student placement program, including internships and courses in Poland and abroad
9. a wide range of scholarships and financial support including free of charge courses 10. an ability to work independently, estimate the economic situation and make the right decisions

Interdisciplinary Network of Special and Intercultural Education “Include”, Greece

The Interdisciplinary Network of Special and Inter-cultural Education, “Include” is a scientific association that was founded in 2011 to promote inclusive practices in formal and non formal education contexts, in accordance with the principles of the UN Conventions against Discrimination in Education and the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. 
“Include” works towards three main goals: 
1) to improve the quality of the life of children and families facing the risk of exclusion from the education and community as a result of disability and xenophobia
2) to promote changes in social attitudes and perceptions towards diversity, and
3) to contribute actively and effectively to the creation of a truly school and society for all

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